Charge Work Inspection lamp

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  • Item No: WL-P133
  • Color : Red/Black
  • Material: Aluminium alloy+ABS+PC
  • Light Source: XPE + 38*SMD + 2*LED
  • Brightness: 100Lm + 500Lm
  • Function: Headlight: Bright, Main lamp: High Mode - Standard light - Purple lamp
  • Battery: 1*18650 (1*2200Mah)
  • External Packaging: Multilayer Corrugated Cartons
  • Impact resistant: 1M
  • Water Resistance: IPX4
  • Charging mode: M-USB
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    rechargeable flashlights, flashlights for emergencies, pocket flashlight with clip, high powered flashlight, tactical flashlights high lumens

    The LHOTSE Multipurpose Charge Work Inspection lamp - a portable and convenient tool for any job site. This super bright working light is powered by a sturdy high-brightness LED lamp core, delivering intense and reliable light output while remaining cool to the touch. With a constant current drive, the light source remains stable without any flickering, ensuring a comfortable work environment.

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    This durable work light is constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy, which makes it highly resistant to accidental drops or bumps, while also providing an aesthetic and professional appearance. The device is also water-resistant, designed to withstand the elements, preventing the product from being damaged by heavy rain, splash prevention and erosion, making it perfect for outdoor or indoor use.

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    With four different light settings, you can easily adjust the brightness to fit your needs, whether you're working in a dimly lit room or a brightly lit open space, which is more convenient to use. The USB fast charging feature allows you to recharge your device in a shorter time, giving you hours of continuous use on one charge.

    Furthermore, the magnetic design of this flashlight means you can easily stick it to any metal surface, making it perfect for use on refrigerators, cars, bicycles, metal poles, and etc. What’s more, the portable pen clip can be inserted into the pen holder and pocket, making it easier to carry.

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    The product body is small and portable, which is in line with the mechanical structure of the human body. It is light and comfortable when you carry it. In the use process, you can operate with one hand.

    The LED Magnetic Work Light is the perfect tool for any job site or outdoor adventure. With its bright, reliable light source and convenient charging options, you can easily face any dark environment.

    Product Size 27*31*112MM
    Product Weight 0.096KG
    Inner Box Size 48*35*117MM
    Gross Weight 0.15KG

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