Wick Dual Power Supply COB Work Light

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  • Item No: WL-P107
  • Color: Yellow/Red
  • Material: Nylon+TPR
  • Light Source: 40*SMD
  • Brightness: 2000Lm
  • Function: High Mode - Low Mode - Flicker
  • Battery: 2*18650 (2*2200Mah) / 4*AA
  • Impact resistant: 2M
  • Water Resistance: IP44
  • Output: USB
  • Charging mode: M-USB
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    Introducing our newest product, the High-Brightness Wick Dual Power Supply COB Light! It caters to a variety of needs and work operations. Whether you're engaged in outdoor activities or in need of a reliable light source, our product is the ideal solution for you.

    LHOTSE high bright COB work light has high-brightness wick, coupled with a double COB light source. This advanced technology ensures a superior level of brightness, providing you with a secure lighting in a dark environment.

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    Additionally, the heat sink technology used in this product guarantees high-quality thermal lumen maintenance, ensuring long-lasting and consistent illumination. he uniform light emission ensures a consistent spread of light, eliminating any concentrated spots that can be distracting and uncomfortable to the eyes.

    With an expanded irradiation angle, this 2000LM floodlight provides wide-area lighting, making the field of view wider and allowing for better visibility of your surroundings.

    Furthermore, this product is equipped with a dual power supply system, allowing you to choose between using four AA batteries or two 18650 lithium batteries. This versatile power supply system ensures a long battery life, providing you with extended usage time without the need for frequent battery replacements.

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    Wick Dual Power Supply COB Work Light (4)

    We have also included an emergency charging treasure function in our product, allows you to use it as a power bank to charge your electronic devices. The unified interface ensures compatibility with various devices, making it convenient and reliable in emergency situations.

    Wick Dual Power Supply COB Work Light (5)

    Durability and versatility are key elements of our design. The comprehensive protective case makes the durable work light waterproof, drop-resistant, dustproof, and wear-resistant. The high-performance comprehensive protection shell provides all - around protection.

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    To meet the multifarious workplace needs, this portable handed lamp includes a 180-degree rotating bracket with a humanized design. This bracket allows you to hang, carry, or place the light in various positions, catering to your specific needs and preferences.

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    With its wide range of features and functionality, our External battery-Support Folding Working Light is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities such as camping, night fishing, and night work. It is designed to adapt to various environments and provide you with the illumination required to carry out your tasks efficiently and safely.

    Wick Dual Power Supply COB Work Light (1)
    Inner Box Size 45*160*105MM
    Product Weight 0.266KG (Battery Not included)
    PCS/CTN 80
    Carton Size 53*65*45CM

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