The working principle of solar street light in rainy season

Solar outdoor light as a familiar energy-saving and environmental protection lighting tools, due to rainy weather, its solar energy collection and conversion efficiency will be affected, which needs to deal with the challenge of reducing solar energy collection. On the one hand, the rainy sky is covered with clouds, the inability of sunlight to shine directly on the solar panels limits the efficiency of solar energy collection. On the other hand, raindrops may stick to the surface of the panel, reducing its ability to convert light energy. Therefore, in order to keep solar street lights working normally during the rainy season, some special designs must be adopted:

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1. Improve the efficiency of solar energy collection

First of all, considering the weaker sunlight during the rainy season, solar street lights are usually installed with more efficient solar panels. These panels use advanced technology to efficiently collect solar energy in less light conditions. Solar tracking can also be used as a technology that allows the adjustable solar panels to automatically adjust their angles with the movement of the sun, to maximize the absorption of sunlight.

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2. Energy storage system design

The energy storage system has played a crucial role in the solar street lamp. Due to the insufficient collection of solar energy in the rainy season, a reliable energy storage system is needed to store solar energy for nighttime use. You can choose efficient energy storage devices such as lithium batteries or supercapacitors to improve energy storage efficiency and capacity.

3. Energy saving control system

During the rainy season, the brightness of the street lamp needs to be reasonably controlled to save energy. Some advanced solar street lights are equipped with intelligent control systems that automatically adjust the brightness of street lights according to the ambient light and the use of street lights. This system can intelligently adjust the brightness and working mode of the street light according to the real-time weather conditions and the power of the battery pack. Besides the system can automatically reduce the brightness to save energy and extend the life of the battery pack. When the solar energy collection is restored well, the intelligent control system can automatically return to the normal working state.

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4. Standby energy supply

To cope with the lack of solar energy in the rainy season, the introduction of backup energy supply systems can be considered. Traditional power supply or wind power supply can be selected as a supplementary energy source for solar energy to ensure the normal operation of street lights. At the same time, the automatic switching function can also be set, when the solar energy is insufficient, the spare energy automatically switches to supply.

5. Waterproof coating

As for the attachment of raindrops, the surface of the solar street lamp panel is usually made of waterproof coating or special materials. These materials of waterproof solar lights outdoor resist the erosion of raindrops, keeping the surface dry and ensuring efficient conversion of light energy. In addition, the discharge of water flow is also considered in the design of street lights to avoid the retention of rainwater on the panels.

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The application of these designs and technologies enables solar street lights to continuously and reliably provide lighting services for roads under various weather conditions, promoting traffic safety and convenience.

Post time: Sep-04-2023