iF Design Award——Design of Outdoor Camping Lights

Outdoor products pay more attention to the relationship between versatility, portability, and the environment, and the design of camping lighting fixtures is also the same.

1.Atmosphere light+Flashlight

Client / Manufacturer:Hyundai Motor Company

DesignHyundai Motor Company

Product Introduction: Multi Lantern is a portable lighting fixture that provides customers with a sustainable lifestyle. It can be easily used anytime, anywhere by providing flashlight and ambient lighting functions. The combination of portable flashlights and semi transparent diffusers can be used as warm colored ambient lights in outdoor activities. Its design provides the best grip with one hand, and the soft material maximizes its comfort. In addition, it is lightweight, making it easy to carry. 

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2.Camping lights

Client/Manufacturer: ZIPPO (China)

Design: ZIPPO (China)

Product introduction: This camping light adopts an open frame design, which has a futuristic aesthetic sense. The clever appearance that combines the wheel hub and radiator gives people a sense of mechanical and futuristic. Its special structure makes gripping, single finger carrying, hanging, or placing more flexible and diverse. This unique appearance reduces the overall weight and plastic material consumption during the manufacturing process, which continues the sustainable development of ZIPPO and provides customers with more reasonable prices.


3.Multipurpose light

Client/Manufacturer: ELECOM

Design: ELECOM

Product Introduction: The design of this multifunctional product is simple and elegant, and it is also very effective. Due to the retractable hook, the body is completely smooth and easy to put or take out of the bag. The body adopts point treatment to ensure anti scratch and anti slip characteristics. It has three functions: (1) By using a tripod, it becomes a simple photography lamp. (2) In addition to magnets and hooks, it is also waterproof and dustproof, and can be used as an outdoor work light. (3) It can also be used as a mobile battery to charge smartphones or other devices.



Client/Manufacturer: Fenixlight Shenzhen Langheng Electronics Co., Ltd

Design: Fenixlight Shenzhen Langheng Electronics Co., Ltd

Product Introduction: HM65R-T is a high-performance rechargeable headlight. This high-performance headlight provides 24 hours of ultra long running time, making it perfect for off-road runners. By pressing the separately controlled spotlight and floodlight buttons installed at the top, a maximum of 1500 lumens can be activated. By charging through the USB Type-C charging port, the magnesium alloy body reduces weight by 30% compared to similar products. The innovative SPORT headband fitting system provides convenient and flexible one hand adjustment. Fenix HM65R-T has IP68 level protection and 2-meter impact resistance, putting the actual needs of off-road runners first.


Post time: Apr-29-2024