Fan light – Promoting air circulation

Fan lights are often used as auxiliary electrical equipment for air conditioners to promote air circulation, which can improve the efficiency of the air conditioner's cooling or heat production, and are therefore also known as luxury decorative ceiling fans. The elegant appearance of the fan lamp with various colour combination and designs are applicant for all kinds of places. Besides it has plenty of functions such as lighting, ventilation, decoration, etc.


Compared to ordinary ceiling fans, fan lights have a comparatively low fan speed. Although this brings the disadvantage of low air flow, at the same time it is favoured by many for its soft wind speed and low noise levels. It is usually used to regulate air flow, so that the temperature of the air is more suitable for the human body's sensory sensation. They are often used to regulate air flow to make the temperature of the air more suitable for the human senses. In addition to these features, the fan blades of prevalent fan lights can also rotate in two directions, and its reverse function is convenient for use with air-conditioning to promote air circulation and greatly improve the comfort level in the room. According to control group experiments, in the same air-conditioned room, the use of a fan is 30-40 per cent more energy-efficient than not using a fan. What's more, the fan light has the advantages of both a fan and a light, and the two functions can be used together or separately, with separate control settings for ease of use.

Here are the outstanding features of fan lamp:

1. Remotely controlled
The remote control function is convenient for remote access, and it also has a sleep timing function, which is more energy saving and environmental protection.

2. Low noise
Since it is made of high quality silicon steel sheet, the fan lamps make much lower noise, which won’t disturb your sleep when using it at night.

3. Energy conservation
The fan lights have better electromagnetic effects than regular ceiling fans, more energy can be saved when the motor is used to regulate the wind speed.


Here are the deficiencies of fan lamp:

1. Chaotic market
The market is mixed with good and bad products, which is difficult to distinguish. It also has a certain degree of difficulty to choose a fan light with good quality, low noise and required air volume.

2. Dazzling light
Fan lights can be a bit dazzling when used at night, the key is to select a good energy efficient light.

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Post time: Jul-24-2023