LHOTSE Outdoor LED Glass Flood Light (With Sensor)

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Item NoFL-G101 & FL-G102 & FL-G103 & FL-G104

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Color: Black
Product Size: 20.6*16*2.5cm
Material: Aluminum+PC+Glass
Voltage: 110-130V, 60HZ.

Color temperature: 6500K
Light efficiency: 90LM/W or above
Power factor: 0.9(pf)
Color rendering index 80 (ra),
Actual power more than 90%.


2 segment switch, with USB reverse charger, with plastic folding bracket. Lights mounted on a Dewei battery pack pin, comes with a pin.
2 removable battery converters are compatible with 2 brands.

asvav (2)

● Outdoor floodlight

asvav (3)

● Outdoor floodlight with sensor

asvav (4)

● Outdoor floodlight with sensor

Item No FL-G101 FL-G102 FL-G103 FL-G104
Watts 50W 150W 30W 50W
Lumens 5000LM 18000LM 5000LM 8000LM
LEDs 42 70 70 192
Inner Box Size 31*7.8*23.2cm 31*7.8*23.2cm 25.5*23.5*7.8cm 25.5*23.5*7.8cm
Product Weight 1.76kg 1.76kg 1.52kg 1.52kg
PCS/CTN 10 10 10 10
Carton Size 49.5*43.5*33cm 49.5*43.5*33cm 48.5*42*28cm 48.5*42*28cm
Gross Weight 18.2kg 18.2kg 16.2kg 16.2kg

Installation steps for outdoor flood lights

Outdoor LED Glass Flood Light (With Sensor) (4)

1.Installed to the fixed surface.

Outdoor LED Glass Flood Light (With Sensor) (5)

2.Adjust the angle, the knob is fixed.

Outdoor LED Glass Flood Light (With Sensor) (6)

3.Connect the 220v power cord.


● Easy to Install &PLUG AND PLAY The super bright work light has 120° light speed angle without shadow,and wide beam distribution。You can easily install the plug-in flood light outdoor on the ceiling, walls, ground, and other locations by adjusting the angles! LED flood lights can also be mounted on a tripod as a work light.
● IP65 WATERPROOF Made of Die-cast aluminum housing and tempered glass。The LED flood light outdoor works well in rain, sleet, snow, and other worse weather.Great LED outdoor lights for gardens, barn ,front porch, factories, docks, squares, stadiums and other places where lighting is needed.
● Efficient Heat Dissipation, Long Life LED outdoor floodlight adopts fin type heat sink design to increase air contact area, effectively accelerate heat dissipation and extend the service life of LED floodlight. The security light is polished and electrostatic treated, not easy to rust and fade. Adopt die-casting aluminum lamp body, long service life, reduce the number of lamp changes, thus reducing manual operation.
● Sturdy metal bracket The outdoor flood light adopts a wider and thicker adjustable metal bracket to ensure that the outdoor flood light is more stable. The metal bracket is also coated with anti-rust oil, so there is no need to worry about the bracket rusting in harsh environments.


Motion sensor flood lights outdoor

The motion sensor of Outdoor lights can be rotated.

svasdbv (1)

Waiting time (3s - 8 min)
When a person or animal is sensed, the light will turn on.

Rotate in the "-" direction, the light will be on for a shorter period of time, the shortest being 5 seconds.

Rotate in the "+" direction, the light will be on for a longer time, the longest time is 10 minutes

Can be adjusted according to the needs of their own.

svasdbv (2)

Sensing distance: 4m - 10m
Rotate towards "-" direction, the sensing distance will be shortened

Rotate in the "+" direction, the sensing distance will increase

svasdbv (3)

Night:Rotating in the direction of the moon icon, the light lights up at night and not during the day, for outdoor.

Day :Rotating in the direction of the sun picture, the light lights up during the day and at night, for indoor or poorly lit places.

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