LHOTSE Outdoor All In One Led Solar Street Light Mini Simplify Lamp

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  • Item No: SL-S101
  • Solar Panel: 5V/30W
  • Light Source: 1900lm,common led 20W
  • Battery: 3.2V/20(±5)Ah LiFePO4 battery
  • Installation Height: 4-5m
  • Installation Distance: 20-30m
  • Installation Way: Install on the light pole
  • Lighting Time: 4+x/Intelligent power control, and can use remote control to adjust brightness and working mode
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    Product Weight 2.32kg
    PCS/CTN 1
    Carton Size 55.8*40.5*10.5cm
    Warranty More than 10 years


    ● Introducing the 20W Mini Simplify Light: The Ultimate Outdoor Lighting Solution

    ● Are you tired of dealing with complex and expensive outdoor lighting systems? Look no further because we have the perfect solution for you - 20W Mini Simplified Light. This all-in-one LED solar street light is designed to simplify your outdoor lighting needs while providing bright illumination.

    ● This mini simplified light features a sleek and compact design and is powered by a 5V/30W solar panel, ensuring energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Low voltage design, safe and Reliable. Its 1900lm light source powered by a 3.2V/20(±5)Ah LiFePO4 battery emits powerful and bright light, perfect for illuminating streets, pathways, gardens and more.

    ● The light can be installed from Equator area to Palar regions. The working temperature is -47-70℃.

    ● Installation of the Mini Simplify Light is quick and hassle-free. With an installation height of 4-5m and an installation distance of 20-30m, you can easily place it where you need maximum lighting. Simply mount it on a light pole with the included bracket and enjoy the instant lighting solution it provides.

    ● One of the standout features of the 20W Mini Simplify Light is its intelligent power control. It comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the brightness and working mode of the light according to your preference. With this flexibility, you can tailor lighting to meet your specific needs, saving valuable energy and ensuring maximum efficiency.

    ● Plus, the Mini Simplify Light provides longer lighting hours thanks to its intelligent power control system. While it offers a standard 4 hours of lighting time, it can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements. Whether you need it to illuminate a dark road or light up an outdoor party, this light has you covered.

    ● All in all, the 20W Mini Simplify Light is the ultimate outdoor lighting solution. With its compact and stylish design, combined with powerful LED technology and solar panel integration, it provides a hassle-free and efficient lighting experience. Say goodbye to complicated lighting systems and hello to simplicity and convenience. Upgrade your outdoor lighting with the Mini Simplify Light today!


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